Shikakai Aritha Hair Growth Shampoo

Nature Skin Shop


NATURAL HAIR CARE: Shikakai and Aritha is a natural hair wash for sensitive scalps or to control dandruff, leaving your hair with more strength, moisture, manageability and better color retention. MOISTURIZING EFFECTS:Gives your hair natural floss, bounce and more strength, moisture & manageability with better color retention than harsh ingredients. EXCLUSIVE BLEND - ARITHA + SHIKAKAI: The shikakai fruit has been revered in Ayurvedic traditions where it was referred to as 'fruit of the angels' because it nourishes every part of body with unmatched benefits; meanwhile aritha is known by experts in Ayurvedic practices who have recommended its usage specifically for purifying oily skin/hair naturally without chemicals. DANDRUFF CONTROL: Formulated with an exclusive blend of botanical extracts known to be stimulating to the scalp and offer gentle exfoliation of hair, this shampoo will cleanse dandruff-prone scalps while providing volume or body that has been lost due to excessive use of chemicals in other shampoos. NATURAL HAIR CARE: Reduces frizz, flyaways, static electricity; strengthens roots & increases manageability.


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